Intelliremote 2.8

It allows to combine work with all remote control devices in one center
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Intelliremote is a program that allows to combine work with all remote control devices in one center. This software can extend and fulfill all functions of standard HTPC-remote control. It supports the following applications: ITunes, Winamp, MediaPortal, SesamTV, Foobar2000, BSPlayer, VLC, GOM Player, GBPVR, PowerDVD, MediaMonkey, J. River Media Center, and so on. With this program you don’t need any additional software to control your remote. In the “Customize” option you can see the list of shortcuts. So, you can assign any Key event, Mouse event, Application event or Script event to the selected shortcut. And now you will have one remote button to control one function in one application and completely different function in another application.

Intelliremote supports script language when using Autolt Scripting library. It can control any Windows application and has a customizable interface.
The application also works with many profiles and saves the profiles’ settings in XML format, switches over the profiles according to event or signal from the control panel.
It supports such devices X10/Zwave, Xbox360, Philips SRM7500, Hauppauge, Hama, Terratec, Gyration RF, Pinnacle Remote Kit and others and provides you with visual notification about the signal.

Julia Galygo
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  • Customizable interface
  • Manages any Windows application
  • Supports many devices and applications
  • Many profiles of work


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